WP Engine Review - What Is WP Engine?

WP Engine Review - What's WP Engine?

WPEngine is an extremely feature-filled managed hosting policy for WordPress websites which focuses on 3 main WordPress website issues: Speed, Security and Stability. wp engine coupon code

WPEngine can be a new WordPress host compared to others available. However, with intelligent management and smart great market position, WPEngine has taken in a ton of influencers and important figures in the WordPress field. We have seen, the smart people that run, Automattic, committed to WPEngine in late 2011. Balsamiq, SportsNetworker, MarketingClique and CMSCritic are a sampling of the popular brands that are now using the worry-free WP Engine hosting platform.

What is so Important About Managed Web Hosting?

For one thing In case you missed it: WPEngine hosting is a WordPress-only managed webhost.

WPEngine Hosting - Benefits

So what features of WPEngine is causing every one of the fuss?

Here are the important thing advantages of WPEngine Hosting:

� WP Engine is Managed By way of a Team Of WordPress Geeks

Entirely from CEO to the middle managers for the basic support workers, WPEngine is full of WP authorities each single one of them is very accomplished in their craft. It is definitely the managed Weblog web hosting company with the best WordPress help.

� Absolutely Optimized Servers

WPEngine, like they say, is tried and tested time and time again by many successful bloggers and webmasters to become incredibly responsive.

� Scalability, You don't need to Fret About Becoming Too Trendy

WPEngine assures you of nearly Completely server uptime - Due to the incredible use of of cloud computing techniques.

� Secured Website hosting Set Up

At WPEngine, all WordPress upgrades and malware searches are totally done while you sleep, site backup is performed automatically every day, and WPEngine pledges completely secure hosting environment. Webmasters have basically zero to take into account when it comes to site security with WPEngine.

� Help with Moving Your Sites

When you're too overwhelmed to change over your own site? WPEngine is accessible to take care of your WordPress website migration.

Relatively Cheap Hosting Choice

It's correct, WPEngine's cost may have driven a number of folks away, I came across them to be a generally inexpensive plan, considering I'm producing them for just one website

Let's carry out the math. What does a trusted WordPress security or maintenance plugin cost? VaultPress, for one example, runs you $40 per month; BackupBuddy, for another example, costs $75 the very least. Add that up with your family WordPress hosting charges - say Hostgator, for approximately $10 for a month which is roughly $80$ a month only for running your WordPress blog using the basic level of security.

But, the WPEngine basic plan is under $30 monthly for one WordPress install. That price may also include various home security systems and features such as every-single-day site backups, virus scanning, reliable restore points, totally managed WP updates, and hacker free guarantees. wp engine coupon code